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 Smallians will be closing on the 1st of november and will be returning in 2012.
Smallians will be returning 1/1/2012 with awesome new features

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1 Price List: Sands of time on Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:46 am


Jordan Goodall

Creator of Smallians
Creator of Smallians

Price list:


Photobucket White Stone Wall - Photobucket20

Photobucket White Stone Pillar - Photobucket20

Photobucket Wall Torch - Photobucket20 or Photobucket200

Photobucket Wall Shelf - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Castle Wall -Photobucket30

Photobucket Statue of venus - Photobucket90

Photobucket Ancient Urn - Photobucket7 orPhotobucket70

Photobucket Oasis Hot Tub - Photobucket640

Photobucket Tropical Bush - Photobucket25 orPhotobucket250

Photobucket Sabal Palmetto - Photobucket25

Photobucket Treasure Chest - Photobucket75

Photobucket Mystical Orb Trap - Photobucket1100 - Attack: Photobucket

Photobucket Anubis Trap - Photobucket1100 - Attack: Photobucket

Photobucket Egyptian Combination Buttons - Photobucket35 orPhotobucket350

Photobucket Grey Stone Wall - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Grey Stone Wall Corner - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Roman Couch - Photobucket75

Photobucket Succulent - Photobucket25 orPhotobucket250

Photobucket Skeleton - Photobucket70

Photobucket Scroll - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Cursed Sarchophagus - Photobucket1100 orPhotobucket11000

Photobucket Sapphire - Photobucket25 orPhotobucket250

Photobucket Sandstone Wall Corner - Photobucket20

Photobucket Sandstone Wall - Photobucket20

Photobucket Persian Rug - Photobucket40 orPhotobucket400

Photobucket Ruby Ring - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Ruby - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Pink Flower - Photobucket13 orPhotobucket130

Photobucket Sandstone Pillar -Photobucket20

Photobucket Pedestal Tall - Photobucket55 orPhotobucket550

Photobucket Pedestal Short - Photobucket40 orPhotobucket400

Photobucket Parchment - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Small Palm - Photobucket25 orPhotobucket250

Photobucket Mystical Orb - Photobucket90

Photobucket Old Book - Photobucket35 orPhotobucket350

Photobucket Gothic Obelisk - Photobucket75 orPhotobucket750

Photobucket Oak Chair - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Mining Lamp Photobucket15 orPhotobucket150

Photobucket Mine Door Photobucket150 orPhotobucket1500

Photobucket Matches - Photobucket2 orPhotobucket20

Photobucket Marble Column - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Magical Egyptian Relic - Photobucket4 orPhotobucket40 - Range: 10 - Attack: Photobucket

Photobucket Lever - Photobucket35 orPhotobucket350

Photobucket Large Patterned Rug - Photobucket40 orPhotobucket400

Photobucket Oil Lamp - Photobucket13 orPhotobucket130

Photobucket Old Key - Photobucket13 orPhotobucket130

Photobucket Jade Ring - Photobucket25 orPhotobucket250

Photobucket Imperial Chair - Photobucket55

Photobucket Haunted Knight's Tomb - Photobucket1100 - Attack: Photobucket

Photobucket Goth Combination Buttons - Photobucket35 orPhotobucket350

Photobucket Golden Scarab - Photobucket25 orPhotobucket250

Photobucket Castle gate - Photobucket110 orPhotobucket1100

Photobucket Picture Frame Modern - Photobucket130

Photobucket Wall Torch - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Egyptian Pillar - Photobucket20

Photobucket Sandstone Sliding Door - Photobucket100 orPhotobucket1000

Photobucket Grey Stone Pillar - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Castle War Corner - Photobucket30

Photobucket Candelabrum - Photobucket7 orPhotobucket70

Photobucket Stone Block - Photobucket25 orPhotobucket250

Photobucket Bar Table - Photobucket40 orPhotobucket400

Photobucket Basement Entrance - Photobucket130 orPhotobucket1300

Photobucket Barrel - Photobucket20 orPhotobucket200

Photobucket Anubis - Photobucket75 orPhotobucket750

Photobucket White Stone Wall - Photobucket20


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2 Re: Price List: Sands of time on Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:15 pm

Ok, this has to be the greatest Dands of Time list ever, Jordan! Good job!
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3 Re: Price List: Sands of time on Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:45 am

Great List. Well Done!
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4 Re: Price List: Sands of time on Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:13 pm

I think I can make some shops price lists smile

Sounds really fun.
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5 Re: Price List: Sands of time on Sat Sep 24, 2011 4:01 pm

New to Smallians
New to Smallians
so................i like this forum it really isn't bad....make a dress up 4 ppl!!!! WHOO!! smile
Whistle Doh <3 crying clap he i love SW!!
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6 Re: Price List: Sands of time on Sat Sep 24, 2011 4:14 pm


Jordan Goodall

Creator of Smallians
Creator of Smallians
Hi, welcome to the Smallians forums, i just sent you a private message which you can read here:
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