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 Smallians will be closing on the 1st of november and will be returning in 2012.
Smallians will be returning 1/1/2012 with awesome new features

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1 Rules and Guidelines (UPDATED September 2011) on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:29 pm


Jordan Goodall

Creator of Smallians
Creator of Smallians
Greetings Users,

First of all Welcome To Smallians, Smallworlds 1# Fansite! Here are some rules, which we hope you will use in the future to come. We insist you read these rules before posting on the forums, or taking part in any Smallians event.

Please do not post any Images or information that will reveal a users Private information. Post your own or someone elses paassword or email. Anyone that is find violating this guideline will be banned immediatly and permenatly.

Please do not dis-respect anyone wheater they are or not a user of Smallians. Please respect a users; relgion, race, views or sexual orrientation.

If anyone is too post something which you highly disagree on or support, and you post please also post a reason. This will help improve the Sites; positivity and creativity.

Please do not Troll on the forums. This means following a player, usually leading to a high amount of disrespect on their thread.

Please do not post any images which; post a avatar/users real name, smallworlds name, any information, pictures that are appropiate which do not unclude images with; strong language, sexual image or anything that is not suitable for users at the age of 13. They will be removed immediatly. Please do not post many images on a thread, or any over-sized images.

Mutliple Accounts:
Smallians will appreciate you not creating multiple accounts to post things on the site, unless they have been approved by Moderation.

Please do not create multiple threads on the same subject, or which contain useless information. Some topics will be removed or merged and the account banned.

Smallians currently allows you to post 1 link per week to a external Site. You may post more, aslong as it is approved by the Moderation and/or Support Team. Please do not post links to Smallworlds cheats or exploits which may be harmful to players.

Please only sell in the Marketplace Section of the forum, and make sure that the sale is valid. Please do not sell your account wheater it is your Smallworlds or Smallians account.

Smallians allows you to bump your own threads ever 2 hours and a half. If you excessively bump the thread will be removed and you may recieve a ban. You may post please, sorry, thank you or any questions on the thread before the 2 and a half hours.

Stay on your on post:
Please do not " hijack " anyone's thread, this could be posting that you have the same item for sale and wish to sell it on that thread.

Do not abuse the Moderation Policy:
The Moderation and Support team work very hard to maintane a Sufficant site. If you have any questions about a action taken by a Moderator or the support team please mail them, DO NOT post on the forums about your situation.
If you feel that you were treated un-fairly please mail the support team and agian DO NOT post on the forums.

Please keep your language appropiate and suitable for 13 year olds.

Be friendly and have fun:
This site was created for friends and for users to have fun. Please follow these guidelines and we assue you'll have a great time here on the site.

-Myfriend Team-SMALLIANS
--Smallians co-founder

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